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How to set up ASUS BIOS to boot from USB

Sometimes things that must be easy, are not.

When I bought my ASUS laptop, the first I did was install my GNU Linux OS. However, my first deal was find out how to boot my new computer from a USB drive, in order to launch the instalator. But, making my life worst, I realized that ASUS’ BIOS is not so easy to understand. But finally, after following this steps below I managed to boot my laptop from an USB key.

First of all, we have a very simple way to select the boot device: Pressing the “ESC” key immediately when the computer turns on. In this case, the system shows us a little list, with the different choices of the devices and options you can boot. If your USB is in the list, that’s perfect. You only have to choose it, and that’s all.

2015-09-23 12.43.13


However, in my case the USB was not in this list (may the easy way be the most frequent!).

To solve it I had to enter in the BIOS setup, by pressing the “F2” key immediately when the computer turns on. For my surprise, the USB boot option did not appear in the boot list either. After several investigations, I learnt that, to enable the option, we must :

  1. Keep a valid USB key connected to the computer (this may seem fool, but it is very important, because if not, you will never see the option in the BIOS).

  2. In the “Security” tab, select the “Secure Boot Menu”, and mark the “Secure Boot Control” option as [Disabled].

  3. In the “Boot” tab, mark the “Fast Boot” option as [Disabled], and “Launch CSM” option to [Enable].

  4. Save the changes, exit BIOS, and enter again.

When you enter again into the BIOS, in the “Boot” tab you should see the USB option in the “Boot Option Priorities” list. Even, you should also see the “Hard Drive BBS Priorities” option, below the “Boot Option Priorities” list :


If the USB drive is not which you need, you can change the origin with the “Hard Drive BBS Priorities” option.

Further more, if you want to set the exactly file from the boot device that have to run, you could use the “Add New Boot Option”. Here there is a menu where you can select the .EFI file (into each device) that you wish select as the initialization file.




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