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How to add dictionaries into an eBook reader

One of the most important ways to learn languages is by book readings. Making this work easier, there’s a powerful tool to help us: the eBook readers with inlaid dictionaries. So I’m going to explain how I did it.

First of all, you have to install Moon+ Reader (the most popular eBooks reader app) on your device. There’s a free version (with some advertisement), or if you want, you can buy the pro version (it is a little bit expensive, more than 5€ :-/ too much for me). Twice works, it doesn’t matter.
Then, open the app, and import a eBook. For example, I’m going to use one of my favourites: Robinson Crusoe :
2015-04-28 21.33.02
Open the eBook, and tap (with a long press, about 1 or 2 seconds) any word of the text. This would open the dictionary with the information of the word, but so far (in the first time) it will show you that message, because there’s no dictionary app installed :
2015-04-28 21.08.21
At this point, you have to install one Dictionary App. We’re going to install “ColorDict” app.
Press ok in the message, and it will redirect automatically to the app market to install the “ColorDict” dictionary app. Accept it, and wait the installation.
2015-04-28 21.09.47
When the installation finished, open ColorDict App.
In this app, you can add as many dictionaries as you want. For example, the wikipedia reference, the english/spanish translation, english irregular forms, and others. You can show a list of available dictionaries in the app Market by click on “Download Dictionaries” :
2015-04-28 21.11.52
Every dictionary is embedded in an another app in the Market.
In my case, I’ve installed the “English Irregular Forms Dict” (for irregular forms), “English Dictionary Wordnet” (for general word information), “Spanish English Dictionary” (for spanish translations) and “English Thesaurus Dictionary” (for synonyms).
To install them, you have to install each of those apps. Open it (each app you have installed), and this will automatically add the data dictionary into the ColorDict app. Then, you can uninstall every Data dictionary apps, because the data were included yet, and you don’t need the app anymore :
2015-04-28 22.01.03b
Now, if you open the ColorDict app again, you will see the list of installed dictionaries. Here you can disable the dictionaries you don’t want to use, and order the available dictionaries in the way you want to show the information. For example, I prefer to see the irregular forms info at top, continued by the Wordnet info, and then the Spanish translation info. So I’m going to order my list in that way :
2015-04-28 22.29.46
You can use the ColorDict app directly, by typing the searching word there. But the powerful way to use that is in the eBook reader.
Now, by tapping (with a long press) a word you don’t understand, directly into the eBook reader, the dictionaries entries will be shown over the text to help you read easier, faster, and better :
 2015-04-28 22.32.43
Enjoy it!
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